Functional planning is the process of planning to achieve target & goal for our business. It also gives an idea about when, and where our objectives and goals will be accomplished.

What is Functional Planning?

Some of the functional planning modules may be business specific, such as production and marketing plans.  While some of the functional plans may be common, such as income tax management.

Functional Planning Modules

The main reason to perform functional planning is to help to make better decisions for business growth.

Purpose of Functional Planning

1. Outline expectations 2. Verify the business context 3. Set goals and objectives 4. Develop an action plan 5. Assess your capabilities 6. Set measures and metrics 7. Put your strategy on

7 Steps of Functional Planning

1. Corporate level Planning: 2. Business level planning: 3. Functional level planning:

3 Levels of Planning

1. Aligning functional and    corporate planning 2. Progression check 3. Integration 4. Resource Allocation

Key Points to Consider in Functional Planning

5 steps to ensure your functional planning process is efficient, adaptable, and productive to your business goals.

Why Functional Planning is Important?