With Grammarly and Google Docs we can write content without any grammatical mistakes, both are best tools for content writing.

How to Use Grammarly in Google Docs for Free

1. Open Google Chrome. 2. Go to the Chrome Web Store. (Also you can search in google "Grammerly Chrome Extension")

How to install Grammarly extension for Google docs

3. Go to the Grammarly extension      page. 4. Click the Add to Chrome button.

5. In the dialog box click on the Add extension button. 6. After installing the extension, one tab opens and asks you to sign in with google or make a Grammarly account. You can signup with google.

You can also install Grammarly for google docs in Safari, Edge, and Firefox, but for the best experience, you should go for chrome.

1. Open a Google Doc. 2. Click on the Grammarly extension icon in the top-right corner of your browser. 3. switch to on the toggle "Check for writing suggestions on Google Docs".  4. Now start to write in google docs.

How to enable Grammarly in Google Docs

Just need to take care some points before use Grammarly in Google docs

Now Grammarly is ready for Google docs. Grammarly has different features when using it in Google Docs.

How to use Grammarly extension in Google Docs

Red Underline: When you start typing in google docs, Grammarly shows any suggestions, it has a red underline. Just click on this underline to apply feedback. Now you are ready to write unlimited content on google docs with free grammerly tool.

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