AS400 Mainframe is one type of minicomputer based on the IBM System with scalability, stability & security.

What is AS400 Mainframe?

AS/400 Mainframe is specially designed for large databases and bulk data processing with great speed and powerful hardware.

AS400 Mainframe is mainly used in finance, banking, health care, insurance company, and different government departments.

IBM AS400 mainframe can easily maintain new and older applications with excellent compatibility that help transition data from one generation to another.

Its Makes it easier for companies to upgrade or redesign their systems without worrying about data preservation being lost.

Iseries mainframe is physically connected to the main processor and stored in a central point of control (CPC) frame.

Universal automatic computer(UNIVAC) from the UNIVAC series is the best example of an IBM AS400 Mainframe.

The programming language that AS 400 mainframe includes COBOL (Common Business Oriented Language), RPG, Java & C/C++.

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