BPCS is one type of ERP software and its full form is Business Planning and Control System. BPCS system provides various solutions for distribution and manufacturing businesses.

What is BPCS System?

BPCS specializes in the implementation, customization, and optimization of BPCS software for businesses of all sizes, across a range of industries.

BPCS system offers a range of services to help businesses maximize the value of their investment in BPCS software, including:

BPCS ERP Services 

Implementation: BPCS Global provides end-to-end implementation services, from planning and design to testing and training, to ensure a smooth transition to BPCS software.

Customization: BPCS can customize the BPCS software to meet the specific needs of a business, including the development of new functionality and integration with other systems.

Optimization: BPCS System can help businesses to optimize their use of BPCS ERP, including the development of best practices, process improvements, and training.

Support: BPCS Global provides ongoing support for BPCS software, including technical support, maintenance, and upgrades.

BPCS also offers a range of add-on modules and tools for BPCS software, including solutions for production planning and scheduling, quality management, and customer relationship management.

BPCS Global provides businesses with the expertise they need to maximize the value of their investment in BPCS ERP. With a focus on customization, optimization, and support, BPCS can help businesses of all sizes and industries achieve their operational goals with BPCS software.

BPCS Software provides different modules that can automate the tasks of businesses. Some of the key modules of BPCS include:

BPCS System Modules

Financial management: This module provides tools for managing accounting and financial processes, including accounts payable and receivable, general ledger, and budgeting.

Manufacturing management: This module supports manufacturing processes, including production planning and scheduling, inventory control, and shop floor control.

Distribution management: This module provides tools for managing the distribution and logistics processes, including order entry, inventory management, and shipping.

Supply chain management: This module enables businesses to manage their entire supply chain, from procurement to delivery, including forecasting, demand planning, and supplier management.

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