What is Epicor ERP Cost and Pricing? (2023)

Everybody should take the initiative to make his or her profession strong but most of the time, the person likes to go to business as he or she thinks that business can give him freedom as his or her wish. Truly, the processes of a business are very difficult with full of hassle if you do all the work manually.  To a person, business comes easy, comfortable, and lucrative when he or she comes to use Epicor ERP software. It efficiently works for all processes in a business and even it saves time & manpower. So, before you come to use this you need to have full details of the software including Epicor ERP cost. Just go through the details mentioned below.

Epicor ERP Cost
Epicor ERP Cost and Pricing

What is Epicor ERP?

Epicor ERP software is undoubtedly industry-specific software that can easily manage business functions. It works efficiently to manage accounting, human resources, finance, customers, distribution, and inventory and production management. Epicor software is the perfect one for on-premises and Saas cloud ERP.

The Epicor software comes to incorporate newer systems into ERP technology. For example, Epicor needs to use the industrial internet of Things for connecting machines with sensors & PLCs on the floor of the shop. Its Advanced MES system works with the Epicor ERP. It gives services for advanced omnichannel and eCommerce with retailers.  Though Epicor pricing is higher than the others, it goes for multiple systems. Take a look.

Epicor ERP goes for

  • Manufacturing execution system
  • Supply chain management
  • Financial Management
  • Human Capital Management
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • eCommerce & point of sale
  • Planning & Scheduling
  • Business analytics and intelligence
  • CRM
  • Production management
  • Service management
  • Payment System

What types of businesses need this software?

Businesses of all sizes use the Epicor ERP system and business management software, although Epicor customers are mostly mid-market size. Its customers are in 150 countries, with most based in the United States.

Businesses of all sizes can come to use the Epicor ERP system along with other business management software. About 150 USA-based companies including others are using this software. Mostly manufacturing, distribution companies, retail, Lumber & building materials, and automotive services types get benefits using Epicor software.

The thing is that though the business organizers have to pay Epicor cloud ERP pricing more than the others, they easily and fruitfully get advantages.  Manufacturers and trading organizers come to use this software with its asset management as they can fulfill their desires.

Depending on the overview, you can come to understand that it is comprehensive management software. It is designed with technology and industry including government compliance. You can use this software full of energy and freedom.

How much does Epicor ERP cost?

If you come to know the Epicor cloud ERP cost, you should remember that the Epicor ERP software price is divided into three tiers. The price also comes in per user and per month basis. The Epicor pricing goes from $20 – $50, $50 – $200, and over $200 upwards for each tier. The price shows the basic or entry-level offerings in need of each vendor. You can understand easily when you take Odoo pricing which starts from $20 per user monthly, RealTrac pricing starts at around $169 per month per user and MIE Track Pro pricing starts from $125 per user monthly.

Apart from these, Epicor ERP software price is designed according to target organization size. For a small business, you need to pay $10 to $50 and the price comes per user and per month basic. The number of users needs to choose the given package depending on the prices. For example, Wrike starts from $10 per user monthly, Britix24’s price starts at $39 per user on a monthly basis and Ecount ERP starts its package at around $50 per user on a monthly basis.

For the large size business, the Epicor ERP cost starts from $200 and it can go higher at $1000 per user monthly. Epicor ERP software offers more feature-packed for large-size businesses and it includes accounts for multiple users. In that case, the price starts from $400 per user monthly and MultiView starts from $999 monthly for multiple users.

How much does Epicor ERP software cost for breeds?

1. Supply Management software

The price for supply management software comes according to per user and per month basis and the prices go for three tiers. The prices are from $20 to $100, $100 to $1000, and above $1000 based on the level of the package. For example, the price of Margin Point Mobile comes at $89 per user on a monthly basis, InfoPlus starts its price at $696 per month, and Activate comes at $5000 per month.

2. Warehouse Management software

Most of the software in this particular category is offered for SMBs with a more premium basis for large businesses. For business, the prices start from $70 to $200 as standard offerings and for premium packages, the price goes between $ 1000 to 50000. The thing is that the price for a small offering goes monthly and a premium offering comes for perpetual licenses. For example, Finale inventory starts at $99 monthly and Flow Trac starts at $130 per month.

3. Distribution Software

The Epicor pricing for distribution software comes with ranges from $50 to $200 per user per month basis. On the other side, the cost of other distribution software starts from $5,000 to $20,000 excluding installation and training charges. For example, BizAutomation comes with a normal $79 monthly basis and Nowcommerce or QuickBooks starts from $100 monthly.

4. Material Requirement Planning software

Most of the material requirement planning software creates its price between $15 to $150 per month, per user basis, and the others with more robust features come with high costs near about $1000. For example, MRPeasy starts its price from $49 per user monthly; Total ETO starts its cost from $85 on a per-user monthly basis.

5. Workforce Management Software

Most of the workforce management software starts its prices are between $15 to $150 per user per month basis. The others like Jobber start from $29 per month per user, Synchro Team comes with a price of $22 per user monthly.

Cost of data migration to Epicor ERP

Most companies like to go for data migration services from a vendor that raises ownership costs. If you want to transfer data on your wish, you can avoid paying the cost of data migration but only Epicor Cloud ERP pricing.

Generally, the cost of data migration depends on the transferred amount of data, your present data, migration tools, and the gaps between the existing system and the new system.

As a rule of data migration, you need to give importance to how many records you need to migrate. You have to focus on the number of customers, financial transactions, invoices, products, and versions.  Just come to follow the details mentioned below.

  • For 1,000 records charge is –  $500
  • 10,000 records cost is –          $2000
  • 1, 00,000 cost is-    $10,000
  • For 1,000,000 charge is-  $ 25000

What is the cost of training for Epicor ERP?

As a buyer, you need to pay extra for training through some vendors that offer web-based solutions. The cost gives you benefits like end-user training, training for super users, video self-training, and group training. To calculate the cost, you need to check the details mentioned below.

  • 1 to 2 sessions: $ 500
  • 3 – 4 Sessions: $1,500
  • 5 – 7 Sessions: $ 2,500
  • 8 – 10 Sessions: $ 5000

How much does Epicor software cost compared to alternative ERP solutions?

The two competitors of Epicor software come with the names Dynamics and Stone Profit systems for all kinds of business. Epicor ERP goes rightly for all sizes from small to mid-sized and even large sizes. According to market research, Epicor ERP comes with a rating of 4.7, Dynamics has a rating of 4.5 and Stone Profit has a 4.3 rating. The price of Epicor ERP is more favorable for customers than the other two.

Bottom Line

Make the right decision either Epicor ERP or others going through the details mentioned above and using them for your business.