Oracle NetSuite Pricing | How Much Does Netsuite Cost

For businesses researching the ERP platform, finding the information about Oracle NetSuite Pricing leads to difficulty in installation. This is due to the web components, integration with existing data, and uniqueness of the systems for all purposes.

What is Oracle NetSuite Pricing?

Oracle NetSuite has a different range of prices. But mainly Oracle Netsuite’s Pricing depends on various factors. Some of the key factors are the selected product configuration, add-on modules required, total user count, and also duration of the contract. By considering all these factors, if you want to purchase a minimum NetSuite. Then you require a base account present with at least one user login.

Advanced NetSuite feature modules are also present which provides numerous benefits for the enhancement of a standard platform license. The requirement of additional users can be purchased by individual access through a browser on a universal cloud-based platform.

Oracle Netsuite licenses mainly run on a subscription model. The renewal of Oracle NetSuite licenses may
be processed annually or over longer periods. For quick identification of necessary packages and required modules, there are various pre-bundled vertical editions available. You can choose anyone who provides benefits to adding more capacity.

How Oracle NetSuite Pricing Runs

Oracle Netsuite Pricing is dependent on the different suites and the size of your organization. The suite you license must have the ability to provide the functions for your requirements. On the other hand, it should match the size of your organization. Oracle Netsuite pricing provides some main primary suits which are mentioned below:

  • Oracle NetSuite Limited-Edition– It is used for small organizations which include a single legal entity. Especially the businesses that have minimum 50 employees and require 10 user licenses.
  • Oracle NetSuite Mid Market Edition– This edition is used for those companies that require more than 10 named users. It is beneficial for two or more legal entities, and to use multiple currencies.
  • Oracle NetSuite Enterprise Edition– Enterprise edition is useful for those companies that require a thousand or more named users.

How Much Does Oracle Netsuite Cost

Small businesses will have to pay about $2000 to $3000 every month. However, Oracle Netsuite pricing is tailored to the consumer. It means that the price of Oracle Netsuite can vary substantially. Thus, it can provide you with an estimate of your requirements.

Although the Oracle Netsuite pricing is, depends on the type of modules, the number of employees used to access the system, and also the level of support you require.

Oracle Netsuite Modules

As other ERPs, Oracle Netsuite can be considered as a modular system. In this, you can buy additional features that are easily integrated with the rest of the system.

The advantage of this module is that it will reduce the pricing. And you don’t need to purchase any useless components. But according to the growth of your business, you can add components over time.

While Netsuite is available in “Editions” including retailer and manufacturing. They; are just pre-built packages of modules. Broadly speaking you will have the opportunity to start with a minimum of three modules.


The financial module of Oracle Netsuite is very important. The key point of any ERP is that it can be integrated with all business processes. Without the presence of ERP, the functionality of the financial module is not up to date.

The financial module of Netsuite is well developed. It can be considered as the core of the entire system. So if you are planning to implement Oracle Netsuite, then you must have to go with this module. In order to take full advantage of the financial module, you have to make sure about the accounting competency of the staff.

While Oracle Netsuite’s financial module is most preferred by the accountants, in comparison to the other user-friendly accounting software. Undoubtedly it’s not worth implementing Oracle Netsuite, especially for this module.

As an ERP, the importance is more than just because of integrating everything together. Although its financial module is mind-blowing, you will definitely be at a loss if you don’t choose the benefits of integrations.

This module will provide you with the advantages of accounting care as well as invoicing and A/R. Besides this, it also gives you the ability to issue POs and handle A/P. You will also be able to manage some decent budgeting.


Base Packages Oracle Netsuite offers will also include the CRM.

This module offers you access to the data of customers and communications made with them. It also allows additional functionality of creating quotes and order management. The other features like customer support and marketing automation are also available but their quality is not perfect.

If you want to maintain a better track of interactions with the customers about their purchasing activities. Then it may be worth porting over all your CRM activities to Oracle Netsuite.

If you have your own e-commerce brand and if you are engaging in emailing and customer support on a large level. Then it is better to keep some of the activities outside from Netsuite.

All in all, if you are not selecting the CRM for taking advantage then the financials alone cannot provide any benefit.

A Third Module

So the Oracle Netsuite is definitely great, but the Financials and CRM alone probably won’t make it effective. Due to this, one has to bring in a 3rd business function for the integration of data to operate an ERP.

What that module is, it mainly lies in your business. The module can be different according to the inventory. For instance, if you want to implement it in manufacturing inventory or are using it for warehousing as a reseller. However, the main quality of this module is that it offers superb tracking of inventory.

For inventory-based businesses, the requirement for reliable information and cost management is crucial. It will be responsible for the actual growth of the business and decrease business interruptions. And Netsuite plays an important role in this excellent

Now the important point to mention here is that Oracle Netsuite is modular and its price is different for each module. That being said, if you are searching for implementation including Financials, CRM, and something else. Then probably you have to invest at least $15000 and a minimum of $5,000 for each additional module. But the range for these modules can be variable based on the complexity of the module added on.

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Oracle Netsuite Pricing Per User

If you want to purchase SAAS solutions, then you have to pay to access this system. The list price is $99 per month for every general user.

While it does not seem a big price in front of the benefits of this system. It can operate the bill very rapidly. If you want everyone together at the company on the Netsuite, then you must go with it.

Fortunately, it’s not mandatory to use it. Although it depends on the modules you want to implement. You will likely require a license for each employee in the accounting function and at least one for the management. Besides this, the need for a license is dependent on your workflows.

Support Level

Oracle Netsuite provides a wide range of support tiers. That can vary in terms of hours of support, methods of communication, and a supporting agent.

You can ignore the need for support for several issues if you have a competent Oracle Netsuite administrator. And many entities can gain by the lower tiers of support. This Netsuite pricing can occur at around $7000 per year.


An option for negotiation on the price is always available on big-ticket items. You can try to knock down the price of items you have purchased. The negotiation can be reasonable for a discount. But the negotiation cannot be applicable for the licenses, however, the negotiated discount would apply to that also.

All in all, you can get a discount easily of 20 to 30% off the list price which seems reasonable. Now everything has been discussed related to the price for access to the implemented ERP. But the cost management is also needed for the setup of ERP.

How Much Does Oracle Netsuite Implementation Cost

If you are planning to choose a simple implementation with the three modules which are mentioned above. Then you have to pay approximately $35000 to $40,000.

As you can imagine the price will also depend on the complexity of implementation. And it is also based on your choice of implementation, whether it is Oracle Netsuite or by any other value-added reseller.

To sum up, Oracle Netsuite is available with a decent price tag. Then you have to make sure that you are getting the right module to start your implementation. And also making sure that you are ready to take full advantage of them.


The advantages of Oracle Netsuite cannot be ignored. But you have to take care of some key features. If you are implementing Netsuite as a first-time user, then you have to definitely take the help of an Oracle Netsuite consultant. For instance, in the implementation of CPA Netsuite consultants play a vital role because it’s not an easy task to give direction for the implementation of something as a fresher.