Who Are the Primary Users of ERP systems?

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ERP System is a software that provides numerous benefits to organizations of several industries. It helps to improve the business processes including the daily activities. To fulfill these requirements, the entire data of the business must be converted into the core module. In the ERP systems, there are six types of core modules of ERP present like Human Resources, Manufacturing, Customer Relationship Management, Requirements of Material, Sales and Finance. To increase the profitability of business, you have to implement it with Microsoft dynamics, a trusted ERP systems. Folio 3 is one of the best ERP software which provides a beneficial integration between apps and Microsoft dynamics. Now, as we know what is the exact definition of ERP systems, but after that the next question arises here, Who are the Primary Users of the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems?

Who Are the Primary Business Users of ERP Systems?

Should you implement your business with an ERP systems? Which types of ERP system is beneficial for you? Which organizations are recognized as primary users of the ERP systems? These types of questions are obvious to arise in the mind of a businessman when they are planning to implement their business work with an ERP systems. This system is designed for those industries who really wish to offer better services and quality products to their customers . There is no limitation for the use of an ERP systems, it can be equally beneficial to both small or medium sized enterprises. If you realize that your daily activities are consuming a lot of time and if you feel that many of the processes are too difficult to manage, just because multiple applications are being used for different branches, then you must consider the implementation of ERP systems for your business. The four types of ERP systems are mainly discussed here:

ERP for Industry- Specific

This ERP systems is mainly designed for large companies. SAP ERP and Oracle ERP Software can be provided to you for the industry specific solution.

ERP for Small Business

These ERP solutions are required by the small size organizations. Net suite and PeopleSoft vendors are provided for the small business ERP.

ERP system Based on Web

This web based ERP is more beneficial than others, because it is a remote server which helps you to control your work just by the remote click. No matter where you are and what the time is, it can be controlled from anywhere. Microsoft dynamics and epicor vendors which are used for web based ERP systems.

Unique ERP systems

If you are in search of unique ERP solutions that are also custom made, then Oracle will be the best option for your organizations, which will definitely provide you with the best services.

Primary Users For the Industry Based ERP Systems

There are several types of Primary Industries users of the ERP systems which are mentioned as below:

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Logistics
  • Construction industry
  • Production
  • Healthcare Industry
  • Education Departments
  • Construction Industries
  • Professional Services
  • Farms and Agriculture
  • Retail and commerce organizations
  • Business Intelligence

Who Are the Primary Business Users Type in the ERP software systems?

The primary users of ERP system in business is divided on the basis of the tiers:

Tier 1

Multinational private companies or Federal corporations are industries that can use the Tier 1 and governmental Tier 2, because it can be specially designed for them. The processes of these industries are based on an international level, thus they require the features which are beneficial to support the multiple language requirements as well as currency recognition of numerous countries and more.

Tier 2

This is specially made for large companies without considering the International & local government. They are designed to specially organize complex structures without paying much attention to internalization.

Tier 3

The tier 3 has been designed for medium size organizations, that is applicable only for one alphabet.

Tier 4

Tier 4 is specially made for smaller businesses, which demands for the sales and support of customers as the basic features.

Primary Business Users of ERP systems according to technology

There are several types of ERP systems users according to technology which are listed below:

On-premise ERP

To operate On-premise ERP systems, a large number of resources are required. On the other hand, It provides great quality of flexibility and control without any participation of third parties. The quality of data storage is available separately as it is situated internally, in your personal server. While in-house, the features like maintenance, safety and updates require to be taken care of. Thus, extra expenses of power servers and database software is added on your cost. Also, operating systems have to be generated by you. The specialized integration is also attached with other present business systems by On-premise ERP. Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft, Dynamics GP, and SAP ERP are some of the best on-premise ERP systems.

Cloud ERP

The Cloud ERP is generally operated by the developers. If you selected them for your work, then they charged an annual fee. They are also helpful to offer you easy access to the software. Some of the cloud ERP systems are Microsoft Dynamics 365, etc. Oracle NetSuite, SAP business all-in-one, Sage, and Infor are also the types of Cloud ERP Systems. For more details you can read detailed article of Cloud ERP.

Hybrid ERP

As we can understand from the name, hybrid ERP uses the functions of both the types of ERP systems and grants the facilities not only in apps in the cloud but also on your server.

Which one is beneficial? On-premise vs Cloud ERP

Which one has more advantages, depends on your business needs and your budget. Let’s discuss the some simple terms of:

Flexibility of ERP systems

In comparison to the Cloud ERP, the On-premise ERP system is much better for flexibility. The On-premise ERP system is available in-house and provides you the facility to become in charge of the system.

Security benefits

As we know that the security in Cloud ERP systems are handled by the developers. But in the On-premise ERP system, the company is responsible for the security without any interference of developers. However, it added some extra expenses but the surety of everything is provided in the hands of the company.

Cost Differences

If you want to implement a most convenient security software and operating system, then the On-premise ERP systems will be more costly in comparison to the Cloud ERP systems.

Folio3 is one of your most Useful Primary Business Tech Partner in Microsoft Dynamics ERP

With a long time experience in business management internationally, Folio3 can be considered as the expert to deliver quality solutions for all the businesses. This is able to provide better services to your customers as well as improve the productivity of your business. Bastion Solutions, Honda, Growers Express, and many others are also included in the services which are provided to the clients of Folio3. Mobility solutions, generated by Folio3, for Microsoft Dynamics consist of:

  • Expenses app
  • Timesheet app
  • Retail Management app
  • Workflow approvals app
  • Loyalty management app
  • Dynamics CRM app
  • Warehouse management app

If anyone is searching for custom mobile solutions for your organization, then they are also able to provide this facility

The above mentioned features would be really beneficial to grow your business on the peak level. Folio3 has been working for the last 15 years with various Microsoft Dynamics ERPs, CRMs and modules. Microsoft dynamics ERP consists of following parts:

  • AX
  • Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations
  • Dynamics 365
  • Dynamics NAV
  • Dynamics GP

All these are helpful in implementation, customization and also ERP integration.

If you read this post till the end, now the question arises in your mind, such as who are the the primary business users of the ERP software? Is the ERP systems beneficial for you?, and many more. Here, all your queries are solved. By which you can select an ERP systems, which is suitable for your requirements and also according to your budget. The Microsoft Dynamics ERP, powered by Folio3, would be selected as a good one.


Who are the Primary Users of the Supply Chain Management (SCM) systems?

Customers, resellers, partners, suppliers and distributors are included in the list of Primary Users of the Supply Chain Management (SCM) system.

What is the primary advantage of ERP systems?

The primary advantages of the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems include forecasting, warehousing, purchasing, planning, management of material, inventory and also distribution. It shows that it provides all the facilities which are necessary to run the smooth workflow in all procedures. All these procedures are more than enough to show you how it is beneficial for the smooth running of your system. This also provides the satisfaction of customers with the products and services which are provided by your company.

What are the primary features of the e-business components regarding the market strategies?

E business components should be more convenient to use without the limitations of geographical boundaries and should be available on low cost. Due to time and location, the process to run your business should not be limited with any issues.