Ultimate Guide on Marg ERP | Price and Plans

Are you an entrepreneur? If yes, then you have to manage all the things from daily sales sheets, purchase sheets, the bill for customers, delivery reports, and other many things that make you burdened and monotonous. In a word, your professional activity keeps you force all the time and even you forget the things that you have a family where your wife is waiting for you for a long time. But you will be happy to know that all of your daily basis work come to an end with the help of Marg ERP 9 software. To know about Marg ERP, just be on the page as this article will give you full details about the product. Let’s have a look at the page.

What is Marg ERP 9 Software?

Marg ERP software is an On-premise and Cloud ERP solution and it works for small, midsize, and enterprise businesses. That means retailers, distributors, and manufacturers. In a word, this ERP Software is the best one for industries in the present situation. Generally, Marg ERP 9 software works through android apps in need of customers, suppliers, and store owners. It is an exact one for order management, purchase management, costing with planning, and inventory management. This app offers the right distribution for multiple industries. organization modules come with an inventory system, Creation of logistics platforms. The software provides the sales force with multiple reports such as activity, daily sales, attendance, and others. Apart from these, it works for financial accounting with the report of IT-ST auditors’ reports, challan, sales in counter, and pricing. The user of marg ERP runs via phone.

Why is Marg ERP 9 software is special?

The software named marg ERP works for multiple beneficial works. Just take look at its services mentioned below.

  • Financial accounting with IT-ST Auditors Report
  • Sales Tax Reports with Registers country and state wise
  • VAT & E-Return for State basis
  • Power and Boundations for operators
  • Inventory Management for Multi-Location
  • Excise,TDS and Service Tax
  • Self-designed invoice and others
  • Order Management for purchase & sales
  • Counter Sales and Challan
  • Management of post-dated cheque with Bank paying slip
  • Direct SMS & E-Mail system
  • Symbols for Self-definable Currency
  • Provision for bill value in 5 currencies like Dollar, Pound, Euro and Rubbles
  • Manufacturing on Issue Receipt and others

How does marg ERP 9 software works?

The marg erp comes to work in such a way that all types of an entrepreneur get excellent benefit in their organization. Even they can do their work without any hassle and time-saving manner. As a result of that, entrepreneurs can easily develop their businesses in a short time. Take a look to understand how the software works.

1. Counter Sale Entry

Through this particular application, a number of a salesman can handle multiple customers with a single computer. This one works superbly for busy corners. It provides you benefits like

  • Lots of customers handling provision
  • Easy interaction with the details of database that you no need to save
  • Merge provision for customers
  • Easy bill feeding regarding purchasing on counter entry
  • Details of counter sales according to operators
  • Supervision can monitor every sale process
  • Bill conversion comes on counter wise sale

2. Multi series provision

The software named marg ERP 9 software comes with a series of features. As a result of that, customers will have opportunities for maintaining reports and a lot of things. Even you can put series wise rates and discounts according to kind of business. Moreover, you will have some excellent features mentioned below.

  1. Searching for barcode comes on Item, Batch, MRP, and Batch wise.
  2. The printing of barcode comes on Laser, computer, and barcode printers.
  3. Print comes with a self-defined barcode in need of an un-barcode item.
  4. Self-defined is only in printing mode.
  5. All barcodes like GSI, Serial and Shuffle are system inbuilt.

3. Provision for point of sales

The billing system of provision for point of sales is very effective and important. In marg erp 9 software is designed with fully advanced features. The point of sales billing system comes with a virtual keyboard, barcode, tender for a cash credit , and touch items pop-ups. Take a look at how Marg ERP works for POS.

  1. Provision for item searching through Barcode Miss Print Key in on mode
  2. Item wise default number of sales
  3. Acceptance for both cash & card
  4. Ready for next bill through bill saving mode
  5. Return management for the same bill
  6. Provision for special cash collection
  7. Provision for multi-customer handling through a single computer
  8. Automatic system for rates, discounts, and schemes 
  9. Discount based on bill value
  10. New offers on products through SMS and email systems

4. Credit facility

In the system of marg ERP 9 software, there are two types of credit limits and these are primary and final credit limits. With the system of passwords, credit limits come generated through credit cards. Credit facilities come to be disbursed depending on some considerations. Check these points.

  • In case of default provision from all parties.
  • Separate credit limits come depending on the amount, bills, and due dates
  • Credit limit also depends on Chillan value
  • If the credit limit comes to be crossed, provision for cash billing may be required or not.

5. Rate Management

In need of customer fulfillment, the rate master of Marg ERP 9 software provides you with complete fulfillment. Regarding rate management, customers will be facilitated with a price list, special rates, pick rates from last delivery, net rate, and even lot rate. As a result of that, you do not need to remember rates during billing time.

6. Selection procedure for a salesperson

In marg ERP, salesman selection comes in various ways. The reports of a salesman and their outstanding are very mind-blowing and effective. The filter reports according to the salesman and the calculation of their commission are accurate and simple. Look at the details below.

  1. Party, series or Loop wise M.R selection
  2. Provision for merge duplication in the items if Rate & Discount are same.
  3. Easy process for salesman commission calculation, posting, and profit effect.
  4. Return, Multi sales, Expiry Return, price difference come easily through this software.
  5. New launched goods load in the bill.
  6. Stocks & billing in the multi-unit and it is like 15 bag 14 KG
  7. Auto calculation based on MRP.
  8. Provision of negative work.
  9. Bill conversion comes from Rs, 20,000 to 17,500
  10. Printed item name comes in any language.

Apart from these, this software works in different areas like bonus & discount system, bill printing, billing facility, barcode management, order management, Visual & audio indication, email, SMS & personal organizer, Data Entry, Accounting reports, Stocks reports, purchase & sales analyzes and many more. 

What are the sectors for using this Marg ERP 9 software?

This particular software provides the benefit for the different sectors like Pharmacy, POS, supermarket, Jewellery, Restaurant, Garment, Retail shop, Grocery, Saloon & Spa, Bookstore and Footwear. Each organization runs well with every systematic professional works under the supervision of marg erp.

The great recognition for marg erp 9 software?

This particular application has been working and gaining a great reputation from a lot of users. Even for its great achievement, marg erp has been awarded by Data Quest, Guinness World Records, The Economic Times, Assoc hem, Digital Terminal, and Elets. 

To get great success in your professional work, you have to manage all the things like accounting, billing, man management, fund adjustment, stock maintenance, and more things. To lighten your burden, you come to get in touch with marg erp 9 software.

What is the charge and price of marg erp?

Thd marg erp 9 software comes with different prices for its services. The service of this software is available in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Maldives, Bhutan, Nepal, and Sri Lanka at the same price. But the price is different in other countries around the globe. Even the price is different according to the kind of service. Let’s take look at the table given below.

Marg ERP price in India and neigbor country

PlanMarg ERPCounter ERPPayroll
Marg ERP Price

Marg ERP price in others country across the globe

PlanMarg ERPCounter ERPPayroll
Basic$ 350$ 400 
Silver$ 600$ 650$ 600
Golden$ 1150$ 1250$ 1100
Marg ERP Price Across the Globe

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