What is Zoho ERP? Features of Zoho ERP System

ZohoERP happens to be an outstanding entry-level CRM platform that helps scale the growth of startups and small businesses on a wide scale. It has gained high popularity among businesses looking for a suitable organization to monitor the leads and handle the contracts. If you want to opt for the robust features, the potential users upgrade to the specific paid plan, unveiling different features like monitoring the contact data, tracking the customer data, and automating the marketing tasks. Moreover, Zoho ERP provides seamless integration with different Zoho tools and different third-party tools.

What is Zoho ERP?

Zoho ERP happens to be the cloud-based CRM or customer relationship management platform that helps manage the customer support facets, marketing facets, and sales from the business-to-customer engagement strategies and business-to-business strategies. It is known to be licensed under the SaaS or software as a service) model.

You can access the Zoho platform with the aid of the famous web browsers, which are meant for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux desktops. Such a platform can be availed as a mobile application on Android phones. Such platforms are of immense popularity for companies of different sizes. The CRM platform of the Zoho ERP system has gained high popularity with small businesses. It offers core CRM capabilities, social CRM, email marketing, a sales function, and marketing automation to potential users.

Zoho ERP
Zoho ERP

Importance of Zoho ERP System for the business

Zoho ERP boasts a contact management tool that allows potential users to monitor contacts and relevant information in a singular, centralized database. You can customize this ERP to the user’s specifications with the use of the drag-and-drop interface. The potential users can use this ERP to establish different contact assignment rules so that existing and new contacts get assigned to the proper service personnel and sales personnel. You can also import the existing contacts from different third-party apps with the import wizard in Zoho.

This platform boasts marketing automation tools that provide a suitable opportunity to create different targeted marketing campaigns, define and track the company, implement email campaigns, and manage marketing costs. Thus, the potential users create different email templates using the tools to create and manage mailing lists, the Rich-Text HTML Editor of Zoho ERP, the execution and scheduling of mass email campaigns, and the management of drip campaigns.

This Zoho ERP platform comes with a role-based security system, which allows the potential audience to customize the users, seeking access to the modules and data depending on the user profiles. You can group the users, as per the data access permissions and the roles. Such a platform provides the opportunity for potential users to schedule, create, and store different reports in each module. Such reports are inclusive of numerous modules. It offers ample data to potential users on several facets of the customer relationship. You can avail of the advanced analytics to seek different reports through the use of the Zoho Reports tool.

There are certain social CRM tools that provide a suitable choice for the potential audience to monitor different customer interactions, comments, and mentions on various social media profile platforms. It integrates with social media platforms, thereby providing a suitable opportunity for potential users to manage different social media interactions on such mediums without the need to leave such platforms. Moreover, it provides integration with about 50 3rd-party apps, such as Google Apps, Constant Contact, WordPress, and Apps.

Zoho ERP is equipped with the Zoho PhoneBridge for Enterprise, Professional, and CRM Plus edition users. It refers to the call center tool, which is integrated into the hosted telephone apps and on-site apps, thereby allowing the direct making of calls on the Zoho platform. Moreover, it provides a suitable opportunity for potential users to create one-touch calls to already existing customers and log the call data in the system with different follow-up tasks and notes. You can purchase the platform from the Zoho ERP system and different affiliate partners. It offers the prerequisite support over email, phone, and social media platforms. You can avail of the 15-day limited trial for different editions.

Why choose Zoho ERP for remote teams?

Zoho ERP boasts ready-made communication features and efficient mobile app features, which make it the right choice for teams and employees who spend most of their time in the office. Teams in various areas come together with the CRM for product demos and sales pitches through different conferencing integrations, such as GoTo Meeting, Blue Jeans, TeamViewer, and Join.me, Cisco Webex, and Zoom Meeting.

With the use of prospect alerts in real-time, you can be assured that the sales team members receive a notification once someone visits the site and speaks about the brand and its products on social media platforms. Thus, the subscribers can seek access to Zia AI. Zia AI is regarded as a virtual assistant that is equipped with data analysis capabilities to recognize different patterns in the activity history of the platform. Moreover, it offers time-saving automation and workflow improvements.

Pros & Cons of Zoho ERP System


  • It helps conduct the client presentation and team meeting from the CRM.
    It helps set the notification to notify the remote workers as the new leads interact with the business.
  • It is a user-friendly platform that can be used without in-office training sessions.


  • The standard support is limited to weekdays. You need to pay an extra amount for enterprise and premium support with the plan.
  • Most of the features depend on Zia AI, which can be availed of on the upper-tier ultimate and enterprise plans.
  • Different features, like webhooks, and email notifications, get limited with the daily limits.

Features of Zoho ERP

Now, we will discuss the features of Zoho ERP:


It is possible to gamify sales efforts by turning different routine tasks into routine-breaking and rewarding contests. The sales floor can prove to be an exciting atmosphere. It can prove challenging for the remote teams to manage different Zoho builds that help take the promotions, incentives, and targets of the sales teams to new success levels.

The custom modules display and store information about the leads and individual records. Leads are regarded as the drop-down menu after Home on the dashboard navigation menu on the Zoho ERP system platform. It allows you to understand the importance of the functions of the Zoho ERP platform. Such a platform collects the representatives and individuals of the business enterprise, who can be converted into potential customers.

It is possible to adopt the SalesSignals feature to monitor lead interactions with the brand across different channels, like cold calls, emails, social media campaigns, and surveys. Besides this, it offers crucial information that is useful to the sales agents to nurture the leads into loyal and potential customers.

Add-ons and integrations

Amazon Seller, Mailchimp, Slack, and Zoom are a few of the integrations included in the paid subscriptions. Each of the paid subscription bundles comes with the option to integrate with different 3rd party apps and software for team collaboration, online meetings, productivity, telephony, email marketing, analytics, storage, business operation, finance, customer service, and website visitor tracking.

Artificial Intelligence

The ultimate and enterprise subscribers comprise the complete suite of AI features and predictions. Zia refers to the AI-powered assistant that is useful to the team in gathering customer data, writing documents, and finding valuable details like the sales number to make the job of a person easy. It is recognized as an intelligent assistant that helps streamline sales efforts with the prediction of deals that are likely to be closed in no time. It allows the team members to focus on the specific deal and delegate the tasks in no time.


Zoho ERP boasts an easy-to-use dashboard that provides the capability to toggle between the custom homepage, personalized, and classic views. It includes an upper navigation bar that puts different sales-focused tasks, features, and notifications at your fingertips. Moreover, it helps add the components and reorder the page to suit the needs.

The personalized homepage helps set the leads and the open tasks of the day, as the ultimate priorities. This platform comes with a drag-and-drop system that offers limitless homepage combinations. Hence, it is not going to take a long time to cobble together a tailored solution for the business. After the creation of the CRM dashboard, you can save it and share it across the department, team, company, and division.


A customized onboard is offered to Zoho customers with the help of a specialist. The support specialist introduces a customized implementation plan that helps set up and configure the specific platform, catering to the needs.

Omni-channel communications

The Zoho ERP acts as the unified platform for communication with colleagues, leads, customers, and prospects. Such kind of platform allows you to connect the phone, social media, email, live chat, and website forms which allows communication with the parsed data, and contacts, and resolves different customer problems from a singular place. It allows you to send direct measures through the chat feature of the platform for one-to-one conversions.

Zoho ERP Pricing & Plans

Zoho ERP comes with three different plans: the free plan, the standard plan, and the enterprise plan, It allows to send of direct measures through the chat feature of the platform for one-to-one conversions and the ultimate plan. The free pan provides a suitable choice for the potential audience to monitor the deals, accounts, leads, and contacts. It also helps log the notes, calls, and events on the leads and contacts. Thus, you will be capable of setting the workflow rules for the automation of different tasks, like the notification of sales and email leads.

The automation gets limited on the free plan. This platform provides access to the standard reports for free users. The free plan is considered to be an excellent starting point for small businesses. It also helps with deal management, accounting, and basic lead generation. The standard plan is available for $14 per user. The Zoho ERP provides access to different tools, which assist the sales and marketing teams in different ways. Thus, you will be successful in creating different customized reports, performing data analysis of the KPIs, and automating different marketing campaigns.

It is recognized as an excellent plan for different businesses, with the teams looking forward to tracking the marketing and sales efforts owing to the upgraded features.
The professional plan is available for $23 per user per month. It is regarded as a good pick for retailers who do not want to manage the inventory separately. Mass email scheduling is another extensive feature of the plan.

It helps unlock different custom support features. Moreover, it helps create different solutions and cases, take different customer problems through the web form, and create assignment rules. The top tier plans of the Zoho ERP platform are the ultimate, Enterprise, which helps find the AI-powered and artificial intelligence features to predict the conversion of sales trends and leads. As you check out the platform’s upper tier, you will come across automated segmentation, which helps save an ample amount of time.

Is Zoho an ERP?

Zoho refers to the ERP for startups, small and medium-scale companies. A diverse range of enterprise businesses has recently adopted the ERP platform. It helps facilitate the massive growth of the business on a wide scale. Zoho ERP is regarded as a user-friendly platform. It is an excellent choice for small businesses and startups that need contact management, client management, marketing automation features, and sales forecasting features.


Zoho ERP is regarded as an excellent opportunity for small businesses looking forward to implementing unified CRM solutions. The business, which is equipped with a sales-focused model, wants the gamification of the selling process to create competitiveness and camaraderie across different remote teams. Mid-scale businesses that are looking forward to streamlining their sales processes can choose the Zoho ERP platform to seek insights from the AI-powered assistant.

This platform is regarded as a combination of marketing and sales. It is inclusive of the basic information of different marketing automation tools, like customer segmentation, nurturing of leads, and email marketing campaigns. This platform is considered an excellent choice for businesses with tight budgets. It is equipped with over 1000 integrations. It is also regarded as the perfect choice for remote teams.