AS400 vs SAP: Different and Similarity

Undoubtedly, it is true to say that business comes fruitful with the help of software. But most of the time, organizers cannot take decisions right before they come to take one as the best. Nowadays, two software named, AS400 and SAP, run with great popularity among business organizers. A group of organizers considers SAP is better than the AS400 and another group goes for AS400. In that condition, as a businessman, you should come to follow AS400 vs SAP.

SAP vs AS400
SAP vs AS400

What is AS400?

The full form of AS400 comes with Application System 400. It is multiuser and multitasking software. The system is very secure and used for the industry that requires sensitive data. It has integrated the DB2 database management system providing multi-user support, security, and web-based application. You can use this software for mid-level industries like the pharmaceutical industry, malls, banking, hospital, and financial organization. The operating system of AS400 got renamed with OS/400, then i5/OS, and then iBMi. 

What is SAP?

To know AS400 vs SAP, the definition of SAP is very important to know as the details of SAP allow you to take either SAP or AS400. It is designed by ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). The software integrates the vital functions of an organization through a unified system. It covers the complete business areas through centralizing data management. SAP modules include software components, finance and accounting, customer relationship management, and manufacturing materials management. It also provides an organization with the process of systemizing manufacturing with its automation & financial operations. 

Comparison of AS400 vs SAP

Whatever you can understand about AS400 and SAP, you will have a better idea through a table. To know the difference between AS400 and SAP, just take a look below.

The full form comes from AS400 as Application system 400.SAP comes with full form of System, Application, and Data Processing.
AS400 main processor runs on an operating system called OS400(later known as IBM i & i5/OS)SAP is capable to run on multiple operating systems including Windows, macOS, Linux, and Unix.
AS400 has an integrated DB2 management system having multi-support and securitySAP comes for integration in need of organizational viral function through a unified system.
It brings reliability in the manufacturing systemSap will have better reliability in manufacturing and other processes.
AS/400 has integrated the DB2 database management system providing multi-user support, security, web-based application. SAP includes called modules, software components, finance and accounting, customer relationship management, and materials management.
AS400 is mainly developed in RPG and some other technology like COBOL, CL, or C programs.SAP is written in programming languages including C, C++, and ABAP/4.
AS/400 works with channel partners such as secure 24 to implement AS/400 for a high range of applications.SAP business has an extreme level of flexibility as it is designed with a custom configuration for all businesses.
AS/400 software comes at a lesser price than the SAP.The SAP tool runs with higher cost for license and maintenance
AS400 vs SAP

Advantage of AS400

The advantage of AS400 will make you understand the details of AS400 vs SAP. AS400 comes to be used most of the time for ERP and other critical tasks regarding the industry that requires extreme reliability in the manufacturing system. You need to know that IBM Power system is needed with SAP users competing for database management processes like Oracle Database. IBM has also become a popular cloud solution under the process of AS/400 cloud. It works with channel partners such as secure 24 to implement AS/400 for a high range of applications. 

Disadvantage of AS400

  • The tool, AS400 I Series comes with a higher cost than the other software. As a result, the organizers have a problem using this software most of the time. 
  • The developers for AS400 are not available all the time in the market as the other developers.
  • Most of the business organizers do not have a good mindset for the tool as it is used in large business and large-scale cash transactions. That means, it requires higher maintenance costs. 

Advantage of SAP

You come to know AS400 vs SAP well if you need knowledge about the benefit of SAP. According to a report, more than 5000 small to middle-size businesses. Through some special points, you can come to understand the benefits of SAP.

  • Complete Visibility – SAP software will provide complete visibility and for that you no need to use separate software. In that case, you will not have to use outdated data with questionable reports. You can access the real-time and accurate report. 
  • Efficient Boost – The tool that you start to use must have complexity. It gains efficiency reducing complexity. Even the software gives manual data transferring reports. 
  • Business Flexibility – SAP business has an extreme level of flexibility as it is designed with a custom configuration for any kind of business and must have the best path for integration.
  • Scalability – For growing as well as small businesses, SAP provides you the better access in need of high stability. 

Disadvantage of SAP

It is very important to know that though SAP has a number of benefits for the good of an organization, it brings disadvantages. The disadvantage brings a clear picture to understand AS400 vs SAP. 

  • Higher Cost – The SAP tool needs a higher cost for license and maintenance. The cost really is tough for a small business. Even it needs an additional cost that is hard to afford by anyone. 
  • Difficult – Because of more data, users are not satisfied with the SAP’s screen and its operation with a single button. 
  • Training for User – The organizers may have problems in case of using and learning SAP and it causes issues at the first transition. For the benefit, users need to spend extra time for training purposes. 

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Features of AS400

You will get the right idea of AS/400 vs SAP through the features of AS/400. Look at the below.

  • It comes with an Object-based Kernel and its system comes to be created using an object-based kernel.
  • Broad Integrated Component is use for design AS400.
  • The application of AS400 offers an efficient appointing.
  • It provides an effective administrator interfaces
  • Even it gives you fewer physical servers.

Features of SAP 

SAP is accounting software and it is designed with many more features with which you come to manage your business comfortably. This software comes with several features.

  • It comes with financial management, reduced errors; improved margins, decision-making for profit.
  • Customer management with sales attitudes
  • Control for purchasing & inventory control
  • Business Intelligence
  • Analytics and Reporting

Justify the features of SAP and AS/400 perfectly as your justification will make you understand the face of AS/400 vs SAP completely. 

For what type of business, AS400 & SAP are?

During the judgment of AS400 vs SAP, you should come to have knowledge about the software’s flexibility on the type of business. This software is an ideal one for high-tech industries, manufacturing, information technology, and computer software. The thing is that It can be used in all the industries including pharmacy and consumer goods. For all the companies, the management needs to install IBM Power8 servers to run the software properly.

On the other hand, SAP comes to be used in Industries related organizations. Generally, it goes for insurance, public sector, media, utilities, oil & gas, plant maintenance, Commodity management, HCM, and finance. 

How does SAP work for the business?

It is definite that SAP works well for the business and within a short period of time, the business runs well. It connects the parts of a business into an excellent suite through a completely digital platform. Most of the business comes under the care of SAP and in that case, you can use it for human recourses, sales, finance, and other types. The centralized process enhances productivity, endorses quality, provides inventory management, decreases the cost of raw material, and reduces expenses. Depending on the work of SAP, you can understand AS/400 vs SAP well.


It is sure and certain that both AS/400 and SAP are very effective for business but each one comes exactly according to the type of business and other things mentioned above. So, follow the details of AS400 vs SAP and use one as your choice.

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