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AS400 Warehouse Management System (AS400 WMS) is a robust software that allows companies to streamline their warehouse processes, reduce mistakes, and maximize productivity. Its comprehensive range of features optimizes every aspect of the supply chain process. Gain an edge over your competitors with this amazing tool. In this blog post, we’ll examine the leading characteristics and rewards that WMS AS400 can provide businesses as they strive to fulfill their warehouse management objectives. If you’re a small company or large enterprise, incorporating AS400 WMS System will enhance your building operations and give you an edge compared to other companies within your industry. Now let’s investigate more deeply into this groundbreaking warehouse management system.

AS400 Warehouse Management System

The AS400 warehouse management system is the most flexible and user-friendly way to create, manage, trace, and access your data. With the help of this remarkable tool, you can easily sync with multiple sources such as DB2, Oracle Sybase Informix, Microsoft™ Flat files ODBC, or OLE. It’s a comprehensive solution that keeps your databases tidy so you can focus on what matters – growing your business.

Data warehousing is the essential cornerstone of business intelligence and customer relationship management.

AS400 Warehouse Management System (AS400 WMS) Key Takeaways

  • AS400 WMS system provides access to both IBM and non-IBM data sources.
  • Streamlining warehouse development and deployment, Proof simplifies prototyping while accelerating progress.
  • The system allows the data center to oversee inquiries, evaluate expenses, manage assets, and monitor utilization with increased efficiency.
  • It helps users easily locate, comprehend, and access information.
  • AS400 WMS satisfies the common reporting needs of businesses of any size.
  • The system accommodates a wide range of data warehousing tools and techniques.

Role of AS400 Warehouse management system (AS400 WMS System)

The AS400 Warehouse Management System (AS400 WMS) is an indispensable tool for streamlined warehouse management. It has the following invaluable features and capabilities:

  • Transforms business user requirements into data models that enhance the effectiveness of warehouse operations and significantly decrease errors.
  • Our data warehouse offers quick and effortless accessibility to various applications and data sources, enabling users to access the vital information they need to make informed decisions.
  • Maintains warehouse responsiveness to changing user needs in an ad hoc query environment, allowing real-time adjustments based on the latest information.
  • AS400 WMS System helps organizations streamline warehouse management, improve data accessibility, and enhance decision-making capabilities.

Benefits of AS400 AS400 Warehouse management system (WMS AS400)

The AS400 Warehouse Management System (WMS AS400) offers a range of benefits to organizations looking to streamline their data warehousing operations. Here are some of the key advantages:

  • Data Scalability: The Data Warehouse Center provides point-to-point data movement options for distributed systems, enabling seamless data scalability.
  • User Scalability: The system provides governing functions to manage query workloads, ensuring user scalability without impacting system performance.
  • Resource and Usage Tracking: Warehouse management is simplified with resource and usage tracking features that allow for better control and monitoring of warehouse operations.
  • End-User Access: The information catalog feature enables end-users to access the available information easily and quickly.
  • Faster Deployment: The WMS AS400 system comes with a pre-built warehouse and statistical transformations, which accelerate the deployment process, saving time and reducing the cost of implementation.
  • Enterprise Reporting: The system allows for developing and delivering reports to unlimited clients, ensuring everyone has access to the information they need.
  • OLAP Cube Support: Pre-built programs are available to build, load, and calculate OLAP cubes for DB2 OLAP Server™ for AS/400, streamlining the data analysis process.

With AS400’s warehouse management system, your staff can feel relieved with their ability to access pre-built transformers for statistical functions and warehouse transformations. There is no need for programming these powerful features – this saves time and resources and eliminates the hassle of development testing.

Struggling with a lack of resources or time to manage your data warehouse? With AS400 Warehouse Management System, you can create and operate high-powered DB2 warehouses right from the convenient user interface in your DB2 Control Center. Moreover, this system provides simple tools to access and track warehouse usage quickly and easily. Stop stressing about taking care of it yourself – let AS400 WMS System take over!

What AS400 WMS System Includes:

  • Automatic creation of schemas and warehouse objects, including tables, indexes, views, and more
  • Ability to store huge amounts of data without compromising performance
  • Automated scheduling of backup and recovery processes
  • Easy access to multiple databases with a single login
  • Comprehensive reporting feature to get insights into warehouse activities
  • To ensure data security and prevent unauthorized access, advanced security measures are in place
  • Accessibility across multiple platforms and devices
  • Cloud integration for enhanced scalability, reliability, and availability of the system.

AS400 Warehouse Management System Features

Create and Manage from CPC (Central Point of Control)

Integrating the DB2 Control Center of DB2 Universal Database with The Data Warehouse Center allows your data warehouse to be managed in a singular environment. This streamlined process enables database administrators to effortlessly build and maintain your system from one place, allocating more time for managing the database, data warehouse, and associated processes. With this combined connection, you can:

  • Create, edit, and manage objects within the warehouse
  • Access pre-defined functions to create statistical models quickly
  • Track user activities to ensure efficient utilization of resources
  • Schedule backup and recovery processes easily
  • View detailed reports on database performance.

At the Data Warehouse Center, a one-of-a-kind graphical interface allows warehouse designers to easily customize more than 150 built-in transformations. This flowchart also provides an intuitive way of displaying the data warehouse for end users to confirm its feasibility and relevancy towards their business objectives.

Transformers for statistics for functions and WMS

AS400 warehouse management system gives you the power to transform data into valuable insights with a few clicks. Statistical functions such as ANOVA, Calculate Statistics, Chi-square, Correlation, Moving Average, and Regression are available in an easy-to-use interface. With these amazing capabilities, you can easily make more informed decisions about your business operations. Moreover, the AS400 WMS system for AS/400 has a suite of transformative functions such as data cleansing, key table generation, time-frame table creation, data inversion, and pivoting. These standard transformations save your programming team immense effort and resource expenditure by eliminating the need to code these powerful operations from scratch – freeing up more valuable manhours instead.

Data integration with Diverse Distributed Environments

As your customers start to recognize the advantages of a data warehouse, they will use it more and anticipate sophisticated levels of information. With AS400 Warehouse Management System, you can construct data warehouses that adapt to your business growth and gain entry into significantly more available resources.

Appreciate improved scalability in your data warehouse with the AS400 WMS System. This agent executes transformation and data movement requests, allowing you to select which platform is used for processing- all while enabling point-to-point, distributed movement and parallelism of information too.

The AS/400 Agent is an incredibly robust tool that executes seamlessly on the AS/400 platform and optimizes the data exchange between various sources and target warehouses. This system leverages DB2 CLI to establish a secure connection with multiple databases.

Easy and reliable User Access

The AS400 warehouse management system and QMF for Windows offer an efficient way to access your data warehouse quickly and securely. Among the many features of QMF for Windows are the following:

  • Reporting with easy-to-use yet powerful features to cater to novice and experienced users alike.
  • Streamline the development of comprehensive distributed applications with ease.
  • This powerful tool allows the enterprise to collaborate easily on queries, report forms, and processes.

To extend business reporting capabilities to Windows devices, as well as Web browsers, QMF for Windows is the perfect solution:

  • Utilize Query results with any OLE2 desktop tool (e.g., spreadsheets, report writers, and desktop databases) to instantly create more efficient workflows and maximize productivity.
  • Quickly query Java™ and generate persuasive reports to share on the web.
  • Seamlessly integrate with other platforms using command line parameters or exploit its powerful Application Programming Interface (API) for further customization.
  • WMS AS400 System provides a comprehensive Information Catalog that assists users in locating, understanding, and retrieving data.

Track warehouse Growth and Use

DB2 Universal Database includes internal governance measures, and the AS400 warehouse management system provides helpful tools to regulate and monitor access to the warehouse. It’s also easy to use QMF for Windows governing with DB2 for AS/400 databases.

As our user base continues to expand and their demands become more diverse, the responsibility of a database administrator has grown substantially. Not only must they protect valuable resources from wayward queries, but they also ensure that each system runs most efficiently and effectively. These tools help data centers:

  • Track and monitor query usage, ensuring that data remains secure.
  • Analyze user activity to identify patterns and look for opportunities to improve system performance.
  • Gain insight into the individual behavior of users to adjust access rights accordingly.

Utilize Metadata to Deliver Integrated Software

Integrating independent products to create a comprehensive data warehouse solution is difficult, especially when metadata formats are varied. Metadata gives users and DBAs insights into the data’s properties, relevance, and more for warehouses and many business intelligence tools. Therefore, standardized metadata formats must be employed for an integrated system to efficiently communicate this information between all its components. Such standards help to:

  • Streamline systems integrator workload and accelerate deployment to maximize efficiency.
  • Allow customers to have access to multiple products when selecting the right solution for their needs.

Data Warehouse Center streamlines the cumbersome tasks of creating and managing data warehouses, making it easier than ever before.

  • Signing up and accessing information sources
  • Constructing data extraction and transformation operations to extract value from raw information.
  • Filling data warehouses with organized information
  • Streamlining and keeping tabs on warehouse operations through automation
  • Effectively exchanging and organizing metadata

Boasting a modern graphical user interface, the DB2 Control Center offers comprehensive replacement, incremental, and replication-style data movement options to keep your data warehouse simple.

Visual Warehouse Warehouse’s Information Catalog Manager is now intricately part of the AS400 warehouse management system, allowing end users to effortlessly access and make sense of all available information. This powerful tool accomplishes this by:

  • Enabling straightforward search techniques to quickly locate and understand the information within the catalog.
  • Providing catalog-level access control that restricts users from accessing sensitive information.
  • Generating dynamic reports for improved visibility into operations.

QMF for Windows

QMF for Windows is equipped with the AS400 warehouse management system, delivering an all-encompassing query tool that provides businesses with reporting capabilities, data-sharing opportunities, server protection resources, robust application development, and direct access to DB2 databases. It enables users to:

  • Easily create queries and reports with its user-friendly interface for a fast, hassle-free experience.
  • Unlock the power of Java-based queries with your browser, and keep querying from the comfort of your favorite device.
  • Instantly connect query results with desktop staples like spreadsheets and personal databases for effortless data accessibility.
  • Quickly assemble and update data access applications for accelerated success.
  • Leverage the potential of DB2, its SQL syntax, and cutting-edge database performance tactics like static SQL in order to maximize your productivity.


In conclusion, the AS400 Warehouse Management System (AS400 WMS System) offers a range of powerful features and benefits that can help businesses of all sizes efficiently manage their data and warehouse needs. With its scalable data architecture, user and data source scalability, and intuitive management tools, WMS AS400 can easily help businesses build, maintain, and access high-performance data warehouses. Whether you’re looking to streamline your data management processes or improve your warehouse efficiency, AS400 WMS offers a comprehensive solution to help take your operations to the next level.

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