BPCS Vs SAP: Comparison between BPCS and SAP (2023)

BPCS and SAP are two different software that is used by different enterprises. Before you come to use BPCS or SAP, you need to know BPCS vs SAP and understand their features, needs, and uses separately.

What is BPCS?

BPCS stands for business planning and control system. It is software that is used to plan and control the operations of the manufacturing system of an enterprise. It was developed by System Software Associates (SSA), which later developed into SSA Global Technologies. Later, System Software Associates was attained by Infor Global Solutions.

A business planning and control system is a type of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. It consists of MRP logic for industrial operations and delivers high information and statistics validity and maintains inventory accuracy standards.

A business planning and control system involves MRP logic for smooth running on numerous systems, among which record-breaking and most popular ones are IBM iSeries AS400 ERP or IBMi. And it is in print in RPG, SQL, and other different IBM languages, which makes it exclusive and unique. You can always advance your BPCS (business planning and control system) and get new structures and functionalities on the panel to make business operations effective and smooth. Let’s walk in through the article to comprehend its benefits for industries in the modern world. Though BPCS brings a great advantage in business, you should give importance to BPCS Vs. SAP.



BPCS stands for business planning and control system. It is software that is used to plan and control the operations of the manufacturing system of an enterpriseSAP stands for system analysis program. This system analysis program works to promote development in enterprises.
This program is used by small businesses and midsize companies. Even start-ups used them to get different benefits. This system software is generally used by large-scale industries and enterprises.
Business planning and control system ERP system forecasts the sales to give a broader view of the future and handles the dynamic environment effectively.A system analysis program helps to forecast the ideal time when a machine is required to be fixed or repaired.
It helps in controlling the cost of an enterprise.It has high purchase and operation costs, including purchasing the software itself
This software is not that much complex on comparing with SAP.It is highly complex software so it requires comprehensive training of employees.
It is used by organizations with modern business models.It is used by organizations with traditional business models.
It comes with more accounting tools such as bills payable and receivable, budgeting, analysis, cost accounting, and settlement processing.SAP also comes with these tools and functionalities.
It modernizes the functionality of an organization by upgrading the existing setup.It also has the function to upgrade its software but it includes heavy costs for an organization.

The BPCS system is broadly categorized into:

  • Configurable Enterprise Financials: Comprise of accounts or bills payable and receivable, budgeting, analysis, cost accounting, and settlement processing.
  • Supply Chain Management Applications: It consists of inventory management, sale and purchase, sales forecasting, and promotions to give an organization a broader view of the future.
  • Multi-mode Manufacturing Applications: These consist of capacity forecasting, plant maintenance, production scheduling, and many more responsibilities. Though BPCS brings a great advantage for a businessman, he should go for BPCS Vs SAP before making the right decision.

BPCS Functionalities

Eliminates corporation worries quickly and efficiently

Industries are now more uncertain because of the higher dynamic environment nature. The global economy is in evolution, and a variety of exclusive and unique technologies and skills are constantly being advanced. Enterprises must be able to familiarize themselves with this dynamic environment quickly to survive without getting affected. That’s where a business planning and control system ERP comes in handy. It was formed to support establishments in eliminating risks factor. This planning and control software aids industries in making up-to-date judgments that may preserve them ahead of the competition by automating events and offering real-time vision into company figures. BPCS ERP is a must-have device for corporations wanting to stay forward of the curve in indefinite times. It is the most important factor of BPCS Vs SAP.

Order management and delivery process are seamless

BPCS ERP is a multipurpose and powerful device that can help modernize your enterprise functions. One of the important benefits of ERP software is its aptitude to provide seamless shipping and demand management. With this system software, the business can effortlessly track its inventory levels, accomplish orders, and process returns with effortlessness. In addition, it can also help businesses to manage customer relations more effectively. With its unified CRM tools, business planning and control system ERP can assist you to keep track of your customer feedback, and interactions, managing your sales pitching or pipeline and measuring your client satisfaction levels to the utmost position. As a result, a business planning and control system ERP can help you run your business functions more effortlessly and proficiently.

Extensive Data Authentication

BPCS ERP system is remarkable software that can aid to advance the effectiveness of a business. One of the most remarkable features of the business planning and control system ERP is its extensive figure authentication. This safeguards that all information entered into the system is precise and up-to-date, which can save plenty of time for human resources and money for industries. In addition, business planning and control system ERP can also provide benefits to businesses to keep track record of their inventory levels, clients, and suppliers. This data can be beneficial in making appropriate decisions about where to allot resources in precise quantity so that the business gets optimum satisfaction. Overall, It is a tremendously powerful tool that can assist any business. Undoubtedly, BPCS goes in well but before taking the right decision, he must go for BPCS Vs SAP.

What are the Benefits of BPCS?

The advantages are given in detail below and these bring a clear picture to know BPCS Vs SAP.

  1. Amplified client service levels and satisfaction
  2. Help in controlling the cost of an enterprise
  3. Consistent delivery of superior quality products
  4. Safeguarding effective operations
  5. Familiarizing with the ability to adjust fluctuations and deviations speedily without affecting the supply chain procedure
  6. Supervisory compliance in several areas

What is SAP?

SAP stands for system analysis program. It is a global software vendor and the market-share ground-breaker in ERP. The corporation is presently serving more than 180 countries worldwide and proposes cloud, on-premises, and hybrid deployment models, with the help of cloud computing options. This system analysis program works to promote development in enterprises. SAP’s numerous ERP products allow its customers to track their business procedures, and development precisely, together with production, human resource, accounting, sales, and finance, in a unified environment, with information from each element kept in a central database. The secured integration and common information store safeguard that statistics flow from one SAP ERP section to another depriving of the requirement for redundant data entry and helping impose financial, process, and legal panels. To use the right one either BPCS or SAP, you need to focus on BPCS Vs SAP.

How does the SAP ERP system perform its work?

The corporation advances software solutions that are cast off by small industries, midsize companies, start-ups, and large corporations. With typical applications, business explanations, platforms, and technologies, every commercial process can be planned and designed. The system analysis program software gathers and processes information on one platform, from purchasing raw materials to manufacturing and client satisfaction. system analysis program solutions can be fixed “on-premise” at an operator’s location(s) or practiced from the cloud, helping businesses analyze and professionally design the whole value chain. System analysis program solutions can also be used to create predictions, such as when a machine requires to be fixed or how revenue will progress in the subsequent half year.

In addition, SAP supports clients effortlessly linking operative data on corporate processes with experience information on emotional features such as buying experience and relevant customer feedback about the organization, product, etc. This allows businesses to better comprehend and reply to their customer base.

As an on-premises Enterprise Resource Planning system, SAP ECC is frequently organized in a three-tier system, client-server architecture. The three different tiers of SAP are the application tier, the presentation tier, and the database tier. It may go far ahead when you go for judge BPCS Vs SAP.

What are the advantages of SAP ERP in the sense of BPCS Vs ERP

The chief advantages of SAP ERP, especially the systems proposed for large businesses (ECC and S/4HANA) comprise the following:

  1. standardization of an establishment’s business processes;
  2. an integrated view of the business;
  3. customizability; and
  4. robust broadcasting and analytics structures that aid in decision-making.

Here a business owner can go far ahead under BPCS Vs ERP

What are the disadvantages of SAP ERP?

This software has high acquisition and application costs, including purchasing the software itself and labor costs of core IT staffs the basic infrastructure, and external advisors, the expenses of training personnel and the remaining costs of software maintenance and interrupted upgrades; and the complexity of the software system, which means operations can take numerous years.

What is SAP software used for?

Traditional business models most frequently have decentralized data management, with each business purpose storing its operative information and statistics in a distinct database. This makes it problematic for employees from different commercial functions to access each other’s data. Also, the repetition of information across numerous sections upsurges IT storing costs and the risk of statistics faults.

By integrating data supervision, SAP software delivers numerous business purposes with a single view of the truth. This supports companies in better managing multifaceted business procedures by giving personnel of dissimilar sections easy access to real-time insights across the enterprise. As a result, industries can quicken plans, improve working efficiency, raise output, enhance customer relationships – and eventually increase profits. Before you go to take final decision, you should give an importance on BPCS Vs. SAP.


So, before you come to choose the right one either SAP or BPCS, you should take the right decision on the point of BPCS Vs SAP. You can check detailed articles about BPCS and SAP that explain functionalities in brief.

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