Companies that use AS400 in 2023

The AS400 systems are considered to be a crucial part of different businesses. Hence, it is a must to maintain them in proper working condition. Hence, AS400 support services are essential to ensure that such systems are free from errors and run smoothly. The Companies that use AS400 stand out in offering regular maintenance services. They also help troubleshoot different kinds of errors and offer technical guidance. Hence, it is possible for business owners to make the most of their investments.

According to the most updated research, more than 62,000 business enterprises are opting for IBM AS/400. The enterprises that make use of the IBM AS/400 server are present in the USA in the services sector and the IT sector.

A wide assortment of business enterprises that boast more than 50–200 employees and 1–10 million dollars in revenue is adopting the IBM AS/400 server. After the creation and development of the IBM AS400 server, the Companies that use AS400 are becoming more comfortable.

Companies that use AS400
Companies that use AS400

What is AS400?

AS400I Series has become as widely popular as the UBM iSeries. It has become the talk of the town as AS/400. It serves as a mid-range server designed for departments and smaller startups within big corporations. As reconfigured this server for effective functioning in different dispersed networks within the web apps. The Companies that use AS400 make use of a PowerPC CPU with restricted instruction-set computing technology.

People refer to the AS400 operating system by the name OS/400. As compared to the Exact Data of Oracle and rival Windows servers, IBM I takes different dependability savings into account. The enhanced dependability and reduced downtime boost customer satisfaction. It helps enhance pretend for modern business enterprises, which depend on crucial systems to execute immediate transactions, like banks and different kinds of financial sector enterprises.

List of Companies that use AS400

CompanyCountryRevenueCompany Size
California State University-StanislausUnited States$100M-200M1000-5000
22nd Century TechnologiesUnited States$500.0M6000+
The North Face, Inc.United States$100M-200M1000-5000
Red Hat IncUnited States>$1000M>10000
A.C.Coy CompanyUnited States$20.0M200
Dailymotion SAFrance$50M-100M500-1000
A.E. Petsche, An Arrow CompanyUnited States$20.0M200
Companies that use AS400

Companies that use AS400 for ERP financial

The Companies that use AS400 for the ERP financial system are inclusive of CDW Corporation, Office Depot, LifePoint Health Inc., KB Home, and Alcamo.

  • Office Depot refers to a retail organization based in the United States. It has $8.47 billion in revenue and 26,000 employees.
  • LifePoint Health Inc. refers to a USA-based health enterprise with more than $6.80 billion in revenue and 50,000 employees.
  • KB Home is recognized as a real estate business enterprise and United States-based construction site with more than $5.72 billion in revenue and 2244 employees.
  • Alcampo happens to be a retail business enterprise, based in Spain, with $5.30 billion in revenue and 20000 employees.

Breakdown by industry of companies that use IBM AS400

Around 18.2 percent of the Companies that use AS400 are government organizations. 1.9 percent of the business organizations that are adopting the server are utilities. The healthcare industry accounts for 3.2 percent of the companies that use the server. 3.9 percent of the Companies that use AS400 belong to the banking and financial sector.

4.5 percent of the corporations that are using IBM AS400 servers are in the transportation sector. 6.2 percent of the Companies that use AS400 are consumer packaged goods. On the other hand, 6.2 percent of the business organizations using IBM AS400 servers on a wide scale are in the construction and real estate industries.

11.7 percent of the Companies that use AS400 belong to the retail sector. 6.8 percent of the business enterprises that are adopting the server provide professional services. 13.6 percent of the business organizations that opt for the server are in the manufacturing industry. 14.0 percent of the organizations using the IBM AS400 server are in the distribution sector.

IBM AS400 Users by Country

0.6 percent of the potential customers using IBM AS/400 server are from Australia. 1.3 percent of the business enterprises that adopt IBM AS/400 servers belong to Spain. 2.3 percent of the Companies that use AS400 are from Canada. 2.6 percent of the potential customers who are using the server are from the United Kingdom. 87.3 percent of Companies that use AS400 is from the United States.

What Is AS400 Used For?

The AS400 i Series platform is used on a wide scale for enterprise resource planning and different kinds of mission-critical operations. It is used on a wide scale in different business enterprises that demand higher reliability levels, like manufacturing and production. The potential audience of products, applications, systems, and users to compete with the data management systems should adopt AS400 power systems.

With the aid of the AS400 cloud, the ISeries framework is recognized as the most popular cloud solution. Secure-24 refers to the AS400 channel partner, which works closely with the AS400 server for the creation of iSeries solutions for different kinds of apps. During this phase, iSeries will be able to host anything. However, different use cases will necessitate various implementations.

The manufacturing enterprise needs the hybrid AS400/iSeries cloud to ensure lower latency. However, the retailer prefers the cloud-only system’s scalability and different kinds of cost management features.

What Benefits to Companies that use AS400

If you want to run the business smoothly with the least amount of disruption, you should opt for the AS400 iSeries. This server is effective for Companies that use AS400 to add features and has seen massive growth in the business. It boasts an open systems interface, which helps integrate the existing databases and applications within the specific platform.

If you are searching for a mid-range computer system, AS400 iSeries is considered the prerequisite option for a business enterprise. Now, we will tell about the benefits that Companies that use AS400 reap:

Boosting efficiency and productivity

A prominent reason why Companies that use AS400 have become widely popular is because it serves as a model for how the resolution software and data have the ability to handle different industries. Thus, the developer will be capable of applying similar concepts from a single product to the subsequent project, boasting a similar layout.

Thus, things are going to be more productive and faster owing to this. In addition, this server will work with massive data sets effectively. However, the case is not always the same with the competitors. If you continue to work with a plethora of complicated complications, you will be successful in receiving different kinds of data-driven conclusions in no time.

Needs reduced staffs

Whether you are a startup or a small business enterprise, experts consider it the perfect option for you. Such software requires a massive workforce to execute. A single administrator can manage the AS400 server. ISeries systems were developed with reduced ownership costs.  Such a system is considered useful to enterprises, which are struggling to reduce their costs within the domain. IBM creates this software regularly. You will not encounter any issues in creating the intellectual company that the business enterprise needs without the need to switch to a different system.

Flexible and easy to use

IBM developed the AS400/i-series, which ensures that the software and hardware upgrades are not going to interfere with each other. If any integration to the upgrades to the software is introduced to the specific part of the programming, it will not have any impact on how the hardware technology will operate. It will provide the optimum choice for the potential user to change different things or upgrade them without the need to deal with different deployments.

We are going to talk about the Companies that use AS400, which has the ability to modernize the software, improve the security, and scale different kinds of business operations.

Which security features will get the Companies that use AS400

Also referred to as IBM i, AS400 is equipped with different kinds of security features that are integrated within the operating system to provide protection against different kinds of threats. A few of the crucial security features include:

User profile management

IBM i boast of immense, robust user profile management capabilities, which provide an excellent choice to the administrator in providing access to different kinds of system resources on a per-user basis. Thus, the administrators have the ability to control different kinds of login attempts, set different types of password policies, and configure the auditing settings.

Object-level security

This IBM-i operating system makes use of the object-based security model, which provides access to different kinds of system resources like programs, files, and commands, which are controlled at the object level. It offers a helping hand in preventing any sort of unauthorized access. Thus, it will be easy to manage different kinds of permissions.

Audit logging

IBM i boast of comprehensive audit logging capabilities, which provides a suitable choice to administrators to monitor the system activities. Besides this, it plays an integral role in tracking suspicious behavior. Thus, it is possible to configure different kinds of audit logs to capture different kinds of events, like seeking access to files, logins, and different kinds of system changes.


IBM i provide support for different kinds of encryption algorithms, such as the advanced encryption standard. Thus, it plays an integral role in securing sensitive data. It is possible to use encryption for the data at rest and in transit.

Role-based access control

This server has become the latest buzzword as it provides support for RBAC or role-based access control. It provides an excellent choice for administrators in defining different kinds of roles with different permissions.

Thus, these roles are assigned to the potential users. Hence, it becomes easy to control different kinds of permissions on a large scale. Thus, it assures that the potential audience can access what is necessary to complete the prerequisite jobs.

Features of AS400

In this section, we will give a glimpse of the different features of the AS400 server:

Better integration

This AS400 server is easy to use by Companies that use AS400 after combining it with different kinds of software systems. It provides a wide assortment of features, which play an indispensable role in making the integration process easy and seamless. They cover web app servers, As400 DB2 relational databases, and web services servers, to name a few. After integration, such components have the ability to execute more than 300 operations.

Object-oriented operating system

The AS400 server boasts an object-based operating system, which provides different capabilities. Such kinds of capabilities cannot be accessible in different kinds of operating systems. It provides single-level storage.

Enhanced functional interface

This server provides outstanding solutions that help execute different kinds of routine operations in a business enterprise. The same is not applicable for Windows and Linux servers, as they need to depend on different 3rd party service providers to seek the prerequisite solutions.


There are certain hardware processors within the AS400 system. Due to this, it is easy to install the features on the cloud server. Besides this, it involves a reduced cutoff from the pocket.


What are the major industries that use AS400?

AS400 used in different industries including retail, manufacturing, logistics, banking, financial, inventory management, warehouse management, supply chain management, and healthcare are the major sectors that use AS400.

Do companies still use the AS400 System?

Yes AS400 or IBM I is still in use. From 1988 to 2023-24 it has been used by approximately 120,000 organizations. The main reason companies still trust AS400 is security, reliability, scalability, and affordability.

What is the future of IBM AS400?

According to many experts, AS400 is dead but it may be wrong because AS400 consistently upgrades the latest technology and fits with all modern company needs and security.


IBM AS400 services are vital for different businesses in various industries. It boasts a market share of about 36 percent. IBM offers the AS400 server, which is designed for medium- and small-sized businesses. As400 offers a boost to the system’s performance.

It is regarded as a robust system. It boasts a 99.97 percent uptime. The IBM AS400 i Series has gained high prominence as the leading business tool for more than 30 years. It is equipped with full system logging through the journals, which is hard to accomplish with different kinds of systems.

The IBM AS400 series is known to be completely compatible. AS400 software’s compatibility avoids the most expansive code migrations, thereby securing revenue during platform update time. There are different kinds of business enterprises that are buying IBM AS400 servers owing to their seamless compatibility. IBM is updating the specific platform continuously.

It comes with massive plans for the future. In the next 2-3 years, it is known to release the latest software and hardware versions, which come with massive leaps forward with regard to functionality and processing power.

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