What is Netsuite Starter Edition? Benefits and Features in 2023

To achieve success, small and rapidly growing organizations must be efficient. NetSuite helps you maintain that efficiency by allowing you to manage every aspect of your organization in a single system.

You can go live quickly with NetSuite Starter Edition and make the most of your investment in NetSuite. With a clear path to success and proven, rapid business value delivery, you can be confident in using NetSuite Starter Edition.

If you implement Proof into your business, you’ll be able to see the results quickly. This is because pre-configured KPIs, workflows, reminders, reports and value-driven dashboards cater to daily and strategic needs. Not only this, but they’re also useful for all key roles in your company!

With NetSuite Starter Edition, you can achieve success quickly, and with NetSuite’s radical process improvements, your business will go from strength to strength.

NetSuite SuiteSuccess Starter Edition
NetSuite SuiteSuccess Starter Edition

What is Netsuite Starter Edition?

NetSuite Starter Edition allows small businesses to streamline and manage all aspects of their business in one place. The preconfigured KPIs, workflows, reminders, reports, and value-driven dashboards will assist you in meeting your daily and strategic needs—for all the important roles within your business—NetSuite SuiteSuccess Starter Edition lets you get up and running quickly.

NetSuite Starter Edition is a comprehensive solution that allows companies to get up and run quickly with pre-configured reports, KPIs, value-driven dashboards, workflows, and reminders for strategic business needs. With NetSuite’s experience of over 32000+ customers and Protelo’s industry-specialized expertise, you can improve your business efficiency with less cost and time while seeing a greater return on investment.

NetSuite’s SuiteSuccess Starter Edition is the perfect solution for small, quickly growing companies. It provides a system that helps you manage every part of your business in one place, and it’s unique because it has been designed to help organizations grow while they scale and adapt to change.

Features of Netsuite Starter Edition

NetSuite Starter Edition is equipped with pre-configured features for quick implementation and successful business value delivery. Below are the key features:

  • Leading Practices: NetSuite Suitesuccess Starter Edition is not a cookie-cutter solution like others on the market. It’s been designed with innovation and your business model specifically in mind. With NetSuite, you’re getting a suite of processes, activities, and systems sure to deliver value quickly. Plus, it comes with a pre-configured solution and methodology to hit the ground running.
  • Continuous Customer Lifecycle Engagement: With Netsuite Suitesuccess Starter Edition, you can ensure that your customers are more engaged in their interactions with you. This is because the system allows you to track customer activity across every touchpoint and engagement channel. Plus, it also provides a tailored journey for each customer—helping them build loyalty and drive growth for the business.
  • Intelligent Phased Implementation: With a phased implementation process, NetSuite Suitesuccess Starter Edition helps you get up and running quickly. This includes setting up the right solution architecture and configuration to meet your business needs, followed by a comprehensive testing and organization-wide training program—all while delivering results that exceed expectations.
  • Business Intelligence: With pre-configured reports, KPIs, value-driven dashboards, workflows and reminders, NetSuite Starter Edition delivers the insights you need to drive your business forward. It also allows you to gain real-time visibility into all aspects of your organization—from sales and marketing efforts to finances and operations.

Key modules of Netsuite Starter Edition

NetSuite Starter Edition offers comprehensive modules for managing your business processes. This includes:

Netsuite Starter Edition
Netsuite Starter Edition

Financial Management

Automating your accounting processes will save you time and energy in the long run. Our general ledger is designed to support your business’s specific structure and requirements. The chart of accounts organizes financial data so that you can easily locate what you need. Journal entries are created automatically and in real time as transactions occur, which means less work for you! Plus, easily creating and updating budgets bank reconciliation NetSuite users have found to be a breeze.

Item Management

Utilize Item records to streamline transactions and decrease the probability of human error in data entry. Each item record contains accounting information, pricing and attribution for any goods or services bought or sold to customers, as well as parts & raw materials purchased from vendors. Inventory item records are specific to items kept in stock.

Sales Management

Gain visibility into your sales process and avoid duplicating effort using a streamlined system. All steps in the sales process, from generating leads to creating estimates, are connected. This way, you can ensure an accurate audit trail when a quote is accepted and a sales order is generated.

Order Management

NetSuite will make your order entry, item fulfillment and invoice processing much more efficient by automating sales reporting and consolidating all processes into one integrated suite. You can also use sales orders to sell products or services, which will automate invoice creation. Plus, you’ll be able to quickly process returns, issue credit memos and apply credits to any open invoices the customer has with just a few clicks.

Purchase Management

Use our product to make your procurement process more efficient and visible, providing better purchasing controls for everyone in your organization. Do you need to keep better track of your purchase orders? This system also has the organizational benefits of matching invoices to purchase orders and receiving statements. You’ll avoid overpaying, duplicate payments, and other errors. Furthermore, you can maintain detailed records on all suppliers, including contacts, addresses, banking information, purchase orders placed, past payments made, and credit memos issued. If needed- no problem! Easily create vendor credits and issue refunds with this system too.

Benefits of Netsuite Starter Edition

Get rid of time-consuming manual effort.

Up to 20% of an employee’s time is spent on manual processes, which can be automated using NetSuite. This percentage can have a significant effect on productivity for growing businesses. For instance, NetSuite can automate an entire Accounting department, resulting in the following benefits:

  • reduction in financial closing of 20%–50%
  • Productivity in the accounting department increased by 35% to 50%.
  • Reduced accounts receivable collections by 30% to 50%

NetSuite can dramatically increase productivity and efficiency by automating various departments within your company.

Real-time visibility

Making decisions based on information is essential for the success of any company. That’s why managers and key decision-makers need access to information like receivables, KPIs, most popular products, inventory demand forecasting and customer queries. NetSuite’s Starter Edition comes with 95+ pre-built industry-specific reports and role-based dashboards to provide the necessary information at your fingertips, so you can easily see how your business is running.

Lower maintenance costs of IT

Although an ERP system can have a high implementation cost, many companies choose it over multiple small business management solutions. These individual systems often have fees for licensing and maintenance, which quickly add up. In the end, an ERP system is usually a more cost-efficient option.

UpToDate is an important factor to businesses, which NetSuite acknowledges. That’s why they offer a system that can take care of every business department from within the software. With NetSuite, there’s no need for multiple management systems or worrying about broken integrations and expensive IT fees.

Affordable ERP system

With most ERP systems, you must pay for the entire system upfront. However, NetSuite operates on a pay-for-what basis, so companies can choose only the ERP modules they need. Consequently, implementation costs are cheaper than with any other ERP system. Modules and functions can be added as needed in the future.

Having a solid foundation allows you to eliminate any other unnecessary applications.

Path to success with Netsuite Suitesuccess Starter Edition

NetSuite provides a practical and staged system for our customers to succeed and expand their businesses. This is how it works:

The first step to success is delivering a single, real-time view of customers, orders and items/SKUs. This readily available data means that all channels operate from the same source, which is essential for any business. By leveraging NetSuite’s pre-configurations and leading practices, customers can go live on this platform quickly and efficiently.

After customers switch to NetSuite, they can choose from various capabilities that will help with other parts of the business. Extending the platform’s accounting and finance capability for better reporting and automation capabilities is a frequent next step. The ability to expand internationally, develop financial skills, improve the efficiency of the procurement process, and tighten purchasing controls are all made possible by this second stage.

Without the limitations of their old systems, they can now face more complicated money-related issues like integrating new applications, overseeing projects for different departments, managing books for a global audience, and following updated compliance rules.

Companies emphasise disruptive strategies such as integrated marketing and self-service multi-channel customer experience to stand out.


NetSuite’s Starter Edition provides the perfect platform for businesses of any size to get started and grow their business. With a pay-for-what model, businesses can choose only the necessary modules, making them more affordable than other ERP systems. And with leading practices and powerful automation capabilities, customers can be confident in getting the best results possible. From financial management to intelligent phased implementation and customer lifecycle engagement solutions, NetSuite is the key to success.

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