Monday Sales CRM – Pricing, Features & Reviews in 2023

Due to its extensive feature set that enables customers to manage their businesses more efficiently, Monday sales CRM is regarded as one of the top CRM software solutions available on the market.

Monday sales CRM
Monday sales CRM

What is Monday sales CRM?

Monday sales CRM is an excellent customer relationship management platform that allows a great deal of customization to suit your needs. The dashboard is organized into folders and boards, with up to 50 columns per board, which you can use to categorize and manage leads.

Monday sales CRM Open API allows for easy integrations with Outlook, Gmail, Excel, DocuSign, Salesforce, and Shopify, to name a few. This makes it possible to centralize your sales pipeline within CRM Monday. Automation can be set up quickly and easily using “recipes” – no coding experience necessary.

For example, you can integrate with Mailchimp and immediately track the results in real time by creating an item in marketing campaigns when a new campaign goes live. The automation templates have populated fields that serve as easy triggers and actions for various timesaving tasks.

Why Choose’s sales CRM for Project Management’s sales CRM automation can make your CRM software more efficient and organized, similar to a project management platform. The CRM Monday also comes with its work management platform which is designed to be flexible and scalable. While automation is not unique to CRM software Monday, the simple trigger and action template that works with many third-party applications makes it especially easy to automate many tasks.

Slack can be a great communication tool for managing projects and team members. You may make sure that everyone is informed in real time about the status of a project by setting up notifications. You can also get very granular with your notification settings so that you are alerted anytime an email is opened or interacted with by a customer. Slack also offers centralized client communication features that can automatically log sent emails, maintain customer interaction records, and use personalized email templates – all of which save valuable time in the long run.

The Standard plan, which is more popular than the other two, would benefit small teams that want to automate certain tasks and slim down communication. In contrast, Pro and Enterprise options work better with larger teams requiring high-frequency automation actions, sales forecasting, and lead scoring.

Pros and Cons of CRM Monday


  • All options come with infinite boards for managing clients, projects, and workflows.
  • Automations that save Time are extremely simple to create and implement.
  • All of’s sales CRM subscriptions offer round-the-clock customer service.


  • The required minimum for all premium’s sales CRM plans is three seats.
  • There is a monthly cap on the number of actions allowed for automation.
  • The Enterprise plan is the only one that offers HIPAA compliance and some security measures.

Usability of Monday sales CRM

Monday sales CRM is one of the best CRMs on the market because it offers a wide variety of features that are easy to use and automate. You can add templates for sales pipelines, contact management, lead capture, and more with just a few clicks. You can also integrate with third-party applications like HubSpot, Gmail, Mailchimp, Facebook Ads SurveyMonkey and Salesforce.

After you go through the initial setup process, our platform provides you with recommended templates based on your answers. This way, you can launch quickly and efficiently by following best practices. The template center will help with everything from creating a high-level marketing budget to implementing an effective visual sales pipeline and it can all be customized to fit your team’s needs over Time perfectly.

Features of Monday sales CRM

Monday sales CRM is the only platform you’ll need to manage your entire sales pipeline. Automation tools make it easy to support post-sale activities, so you’re always one step ahead.

If you want your business to take advantage of CRM Monday features truly, we recommend the Pro level Plan. Here are a few reasons: With the Standard plan, you only get access to the core work management platform. This means that you’ll be able to track your company’s work, but you will need access to important features. But with the Pro level plan, you get those features and unlimited action items and support for an infinite number of users.

1. Automation Recipes

CRM Monday is distinct because of its easy integrations and automation that you can set up based on simplistic if-then statements without needing any difficult coding.

With automation, you can also integrate many different third-party applications. For example, send prewritten messages via Slack to people who meet certain criteria you set. Although automation and integrations are important, they’re measured in actions. With the Standard plan, you get 250 per month for each type; however, with the Pro plan, that number increases to 25,000. The Enterprise plan takes it a step further by increasing it to 250,000.

2. Work Management

Monday sales CRM work management platform consists of five tiers accessible from the home dashboard. The most popular plan, Standard, is designed for collaboration among teams. It features timeline views, calendar views, Gantt views, guest access whiteboard collaboration, five dashboards per account, and a six-month activity log. Other plans add Time tracking multilevel permissions private boards and formula columns, respectively.

3. Lead Scoring

Lead scoring is a feature that automatically assigns a score to each of your leads, which Enterprise customers can use. The standard settings will consider the lead contact’s job title, company revenue and the number of employees when calculating the score. You can use scoring to ensure that your best-qualified leads have shorter wait times or receive service from your most experienced salesperson.

4. Template Center

Monday sales CRM’s template center is simple to use and browse, which makes it a great asset for anyone new to the platform. The sales pipeline, customer onboarding, and new-seller training are only some of the available templates–all with automation that would be difficult to visualize or create from scratch without extensive experience using similar platforms.

If you want to increase efficiency and optimize your use of features and tools, it’s helpful to see how other professionals have constructed their CRM dashboards. CRM Monday has dozens of timesaving templates across 19 categories that can be used as models for Streamlined selling, marketing operations, project management, etc.

How much time does the setup require?

Monday sales CRM is easily set up and takes only a few hours for the average small business that doesn’t have thousands of active leads. However, because there is so much room for customization, having a fully optimized sales pipeline can make quite a difference.

The Time it takes to set up CRM Monday varies depending on the size and complexity of your business with every other CRM we’ve looked at. If you’re a small business, give yourself a day to get everything going, then spend a few more weeks tweaking things until you have custom boards, automation and workflows that work best for you.

Customer Service of Monday sales CRM

Monday sales CRM plans all come with 24/7 customer support via email and chat. Enterprise subscribers get priority support and a dedicated customer success manager who provides tailored onboarding, extensive training hours and continuous personalized support. We found the CRM Monday team to be especially knowledgeable during our guided demo.

The CRM Learning Center contains various articles and videos to help users learn how to import data from Microsoft Excel, manage leads, connect boards and maximize the CRM’s capabilities. Training modules are categorized based on difficulty level, from beginner to master. Popular features include automation and integrations.

Drawbacks of CRM Monday

The CRM Monday features that are most desirable, including automation and integrations, have a monthly limit on the number of actions which varies depending on the plan. Automations can be accessed with the Standard plan; however, since this only allows for 250 automated actions per month, it will likely not work for larger businesses or teams.

Subscribers on the Standard plan who exceed their monthly action limit will need to upgrade to the Pro or Enterprise plan. You can change your subscription anytime, and annual subscribers are entitled to a prorated refund if they cancel early.

The paid Monday sales CRM plans all require a minimum purchase of three seats, with no option to mix or match different plans for various team members. The always-free Individual plan has a limit of two seats.

Pricing of CRM Monday

The CRM Monday has a free Individual version and four paid plans that cost different amounts each month. The cheapest plan is the Basic plan, which costs $8 per monthly seat with an annual plan. This means that if you pay for the whole year at once, you will save up to 18%. The most expensive plan is the Enterprise plan, which costs $16 per monthly seat with an annual plan. If you are a student or work for a nonprofit organization, you can get the plans for free or at a discounted price.

When considering a purchase from CRM Monday, shoppers should consider the monthly cost for three seats, as this is the minimum amount required for most plans. The free plan only allows two people to be seated, and those companies wishing to purchase more than 40 seats will need a custom quote by contacting sales. It’s important to compare prices between similar products on the market, which is why we’ve done reviews of Freshsales and Keep CRM Monday scores lower in price than both its competitors. Lastly, remember that you can try out the Pro Plan with a 14-day trial!

Because the pricing for the Enterprise plan is opaque, you must get in touch with the business to get a precise quote. This frequently occurs with higher-tier plans, though. If you’re a business owner interested in this product, reach out to Monday’s sales team.

Review of Monday sales CRM.

CRM Software Monday is what we advise for:

  • Organizations want to save Time using simple automation.
  • Small organizations seek free or low-tier subscriptions with fundamental CRM features.

CRM Software Monday is not what we advise for:

  • Small businesses and independent contractors may need to meet the user minimum for CRM Monday.
  • Users who dislike using Kanban cards or Gantt charts for project management.
  • Businesses that refuse to employ integrations with third parties.

CRM Monday FAQs

1. What are the available templates for CRM Monday?

There are a variety of templates available for use with CRM Software Monday includes:

CRM: Keep track of sales opportunities, current leads, and customer contact information in easy-to-use software.

Marketing Activities: Keep your marketing efforts organized and accessible in one location.

Customer Projects: Stay on top of your customer’s needs with this project management template.

Sales enablement kit: Streamline and manage the performance of your sales team from their very first day.

Real estate CRM: Keep track of your real estate business dealings easily with one central database.

Contacts: Keep all contact information organized and safe in one place.

Supporting sales materials: Keep track of all your materials in one easy-to-use location.

Customer Onboarding: Have one central location to manage every aspect of your client’s onboarding experience.

2. Is Monday sales CRM free?

Yes, CRM Monday offers free versions of its sales CRM, marketer, projects and dev products. However, the free version only has a limited number of features. For example, the free Individual version of the sales CRM comes with web forms to capture leads and templates for lead contacts.

3. Is Monday sales CRM cloud-based?

Yes, CRM software is a cloud-based CRM, CRM Monday stores all your data in one place including customer information, marketing campaigns, sales deals, and many more.

4. What type of software is CRM Monday?

CRM Monday is a type of work management software that can be accessible from the web and mobile. It also helps companies to improve operational efficiency. It’s specially designed for tracking workflows, projects, team collaboration, and data visualization. CRM Monday also has an automation facility and integration support with other work applications.


If you want a simple and reasonably priced CRM solutions, Monday sales CRM is a perfect choice. Businesses can streamline their sales and marketing processes by using the program because it is simple to use and includes a number of templates. However, if your business requires advanced features like custom workflows or integrations with third-party tools, there may be a better fit than CRM Monday. Try out a free CRM software trial on Monday to see if it meets your needs!

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